To Hal Wallis [Letter 323]

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January 24, 1948


Hal Wallis


January 24, 1948 

Dear Boss: 

Thank you ever so much for the beautiful bag you gave me for Christmas. I was happy and flattered to see that you chose one which is exactly of the style I like and even with the personal touch of my initials. 

I had hoped that I would see you and thank you in person—but should I bring that up? So I have to do it by letter, but none the less most sincerely—


P.S. I  Where is that $10 which I didn’t want to win?
P.P.S. II  Or should I also give you an extension of a year and wait until after Christmas, 1948? I am sure I will still collect it then.
P.P.P.S. III  I hope I won’t.


On January 30, 1948, Wallis wrote that he owed AR $10 “because I failed to put in an appearance. This will most certainly do, however, and will deliver the bet to you in person.”