To Sam Rapport, editor at Appleton-Century-Crofts publishers [Letter 331]

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March 20, 1948


Sam Rapport


March 20, 1948 

Dear Sam: 

Thank you ever so much for your letter and for the railroad books by Lucius Beebe which you sent me. It was a pleasant surprise. I know these books are hard to get, and I appreciate it very much.

I am looking forward to seeing you again when I come to New York. I am glad that Katie remembers me, because the performance of MEDEA, including her part of it, was one of the highlights of my trip east.[*] I feel flattered if she says that my presence in the audience influenced her work, because what I remember most is the wonderful air of classical dignity which she conveyed on the stage. 

Thank you for your kind words about THE FOUNTAINHEAD. Please tell Archie that I feel like a woman scorned because he has not written to me. But I am so bad about correspondence myself that I cannot be too angry at him. 

With best regards to you and Katie from both of us. 



Ayn Rand


*Euripides’ Medea, starring Judith Anderson and John Gielgud, played at the Royale Theatre on Broadway during AR’s visit to New York in November 1947. In the cast was Kathryn Grill.