To Henry Blanke [Letter 341]

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June 26, 1948


Henry Blanke


June 26, 1948

Mr. Henry Blanke
Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.
Burbank, California

Dear Mr. Blanke:

This is to confirm our understanding, as agreed upon on Monday, June 21, 1948.

After I have completed the writing of my screenplay of THE FOUNTAINHEAD, identified as Final Script, I shall remain available at the studio, in my office, during the whole period of the shooting of the picture, for the purpose of doing any changes, rewriting or revisions of the above script, if such should become necessary. I shall do this work without payment, salary or any financial compensation whatsoever. I shall do it for the purpose of preserving the unity of style and conception of the above script.

In return, it is understood and agreed that any and all changes in or additions to the dialogue of the above script will be worded and written by me.

While I remain on call at the studio, I shall be free to do writing work of my own, for my own benefit, but I shall be available at your request whenever you should need me.

I shall not visit the set during the shooting of the picture, except by your specific permission or request.

Thanking you for the pleasure I had in working with you—and wishing our picture the success it deserves.



Ayn Rand