To Marie Strakhow [Letter 347]

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July 10, 1948


Marie Strakhow


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10,000 Tampa Avenue
Chatsworth, California

July 10, 1948

Dear “Missis”:

Thank you for your letter of June 26. I am sorry that your departure is still being delayed and that you are having such a difficult time. I hope that things will be settled as quickly as possible, and I am waiting impatiently for your arrival.

I am enclosing receipts for two food parcels which I have sent you. I have ordered them from a company here who specializes in it, and I was told that this is the quickest way to get the parcels to you. The parcel called “Cheer” contains most of the food stuffs which you wanted. It is to be delivered to you in two weeks from the date of the order, so I hope that you will receive it in about another week. The parcel called “KA-12” contains mainly chocolate and sugar. It goes through a different route and will take a little longer in reaching you. The Kaven Travel Service which handles these parcels has an office in Hamburg, and if you don’t get them in time, you may inquire there, referring to the numbers on the receipts. I hope this will help you.

I was not able to send you any penicillin. We are not allowed to send it, and the only way to get it, I am told, would be for an American doctor in Germany to order it for you from America. If you know a doctor who can do it, I will be glad to pay for the penicillin here, but he would have to tell you what procedure to follow to arrange it.

If you are not able to send me a wire when you leave, then please write me air mail as soon as you know the date of your departure and the name of the ship. I suppose that the Tolstoy Foundation in New York will arrange to meet you on your arrival, but I will also ask some personal friends of mine to meet you and to help you with all the arrangements for going on to California. My telephone number here is Rugby 6-3941. Chatsworth, where I live, is part of Los Angeles. I believe you will have

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to ask for Los Angeles or Reseda, California, when you telephone me long distance from New York. If you should lose or forget my phone number, just send me a wire when you arrive in New York and tell me where I can reach you, and I will phone you myself.

I hope that you will be able to start soon now.

With all our best wishes and impatience to see you,