To Mimi Sutton [Letter 350]

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August 21, 1948


Mimi (Papurt) Sutton


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August 21, 1948

Dear Mimi:

Thank you for your nice long letter. We were very happy to hear about David’s promotion. I was not surprised that he is advancing so fast, because I thought that he was a very competent person—so all our best wishes for his continued and rapid success.

We did get an announcement from Docky about the birth of her baby. How does she feel in the role of a mother? I hope she will be very happy.

I was very interested to hear that Connie intends to be a writer. Tell her for me that if she really wants to be one, nothing on earth can or will stop her. When she is ready for it, let her write me about her career and her plans. It’s one profession in which I can help her and will be delighted to help. If she is serious about it, I can teach her many short cuts, save her a lot of time and teach her a lot of things a young writer usually takes years to discover.

Thank you for the nice things you said about me and THE FOUNTAINHEAD. To tell you the truth, I really didn’t know how you felt about my book. Give my thanks to the people in the book store who told you that THE FOUNTAINHEAD will always be current fiction. I appreciate that very much.

To answer all your literary questions: I am halfway through the writing of my next book now. Its theme will be to glorify the American industrialist, and the background is mainly railroads and the steel industry. I can’t tell you much about the story, except to say that I think it will be better than THE FOUNTAINHEAD. I have not selected a title for it as yet, and I

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cannot say exactly when it will be published because it is impossible for me to predict when I will finish writing it. I hope to have it ready for publication in 1949.

I have been interrupted in the writing of it by the movie production of THE FOUNTAINHEAD. I had to go back to Warner Bros. to write the final screenplay. They are in the middle of shooting the picture right now, and if all goes as well as it has so far, the picture will be wonderful. Frank and I have been on the set several times and watched the shooting of some of the key scenes. They were great from every standpoint—production, directing and acting. Dominique is being played by Patricia Neal, a young actress from the New York stage. She is an excellent type for the part.

Frank and I have been rushed like mad, alternating between the studio and our ranch. Frank has had to neglect his flowers and chickens a little, but he is enjoying it tremendously, and it is all very exciting at the moment.

Love from both of us to both of you,


P.S. I am enclosing a printed letter about THE FOUNTAINHEAD which may help you to answer questions about me.