To Constance Woodward, a fan [Letter 367]

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December 28, 1948


Constance Woodward


December 28, 1948

Dear Miss Woodward:

Thank you for your letter. I am glad that you liked THE FOUNTAINHEAD.

You ask, “Are you a Roark, or is it possible that you wrote in the spirit of mockery?” Nobody could write that book in the spirit of mockery.

You ask, “Why did you write that book? Do you expect people to be brave enough to believe it?” I wrote that book for the same reason that Roark built his buildings. How people would react to it was not my primary concern. If they are not brave enough, it is their tough luck, not mine. I have found, however, that a great many of them were brave enough for it.

I am enclosing a printed letter which will tell you what I am and how I arrived at my philosophy. As you see, I am not “Mr.” Rand, but a “Miss”. However, I am glad that you thought my writing was masculine.



Ayn Rand