To Raymond F. Blosser [Letter 374]

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January 9, 1949


Raymond F. Blosser


January 9, 1949

Dear Mr. Blosser:

Thank you very much for the calendars. They cheer me up every time I look at them.

No, I have no complaint about having been interrupted to write the screen version of THE FOUNTAINHEAD. But I thought that New York Central might complain that a year has passed, and I have not produced my railroad novel yet. I did not want you to think that you had wasted all the diesel units of the Twentieth-Century on a lazy author. However, I am sure you won’t think it was wasted when you see the result, even though it does take me a long time.

I would be delighted to take you up, gratefully, on your offer to “turn loose” one of your operating people on my script to check it for technical accuracy. I am not ready for that yet, but when I finish the novel I will come to New York with it and then I will have to have it checked by real railroad men.

With best regards from my husband and myself,



Ayn Rand