To Ruth Alexander [Letter 390]

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May 21, 1949


Ruth Alexander


May 21, 1949

Dear Ruth:

Thank you for your letter. I was sorry to hear about the difficult time you are having, but I hope that you will be able to solve your problem. I think that a person of your energy should not remain discouraged for long.

If you are serious about wanting to write, I think you could be successful with it. If you want my advice, I would say that the secret of writing fiction is the ability of extreme mental concentration. If you want to put the effort into it, you can do it.

We enjoyed seeing you here and are looking forward to seeing you in the East this summer. The picture of THE FOUNTAINHEAD will open in New York on July 2. The studio is considering having a big premiere here in Hollywood on the same date. If they do, I will stay here for the premiere and will come to New York shortly afterward, which will be sometime in July.

I sent the books to the Matteis, and I wrote them a letter, asking them to send me a picture of little Ayn, but I never heard from them and felt slightly offended. If they asked you for my address, I suppose this means that they have not received my letter. Please do give them my address, as I would like to see what my “godchild” looks like.

With best regards from both of us to you and Ray,



Ayn Rand