To Connie Papurt [Letter 393]

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June 4, 1949


Connie Papurt


June 4, 1949

Dear Connie:

I must tell you that I was very impressed with the intelligent attitude of your letter. If you really understood, all by yourself, that my long lecture to you was a sign of real interest on my part, much more so than if I had sent you a check with some hypocritical gush note, and if you understood that my letter was intended to treat you as an equal—then you have the kind of mind that can achieve anything you choose to achieve in life. Just stick to that kind of thinking and you will be surprised how far it will take you. Don’t let anybody discourage you or tell you that intelligence doesn’t pay or that success in life has to be achieved through dishonesty or through sheer blind luck. That is not true. Real success is never accidental and real happiness cannot be found except by the honest use of your intelligence.

When you have the time, let me know something about yourself and your future plans. This is not an obligation; you don’t have to do it, but if you feel like it, I would like to know more about you. Mimi told me that at one time you wanted to be a writer. Is that still your interest? If so, we have a great interest in common.

I don’t know whether you remember me at all, but I remember you as a perfectly adorable kid who sat on my lap and criticized my shoes and haircut. Let me see what you have turned out to be.

Frank and I will come to New York in July for the opening of the movie of THE FOUNTAINHEAD. We don’t know our exact plans as yet, but we may be able to drive East instead of coming by train. If we do, we will stop in Cleveland and then we’ll have a chance to meet.

With love from both of us,

Your aunt,