To Montserrat Casanovas, a fan [Letter 411]

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December 2, 1949


Montserrat Casanovas


December 2, 1949

Miss Montserrat Casanovas
Avda General Franco, 279-4
Barcelona, Spain

Dear Miss Casanovas:

I understand from your letter that you are an admirer of my novels—and, therefore, I am completely bewildered by your asking me whether the character of Toohey in THE FOUNTAINHEAD is a portrait of myself. I cannot imagine what gave you such an idea. Would you please write to me and tell me what made you ask it and what you meant. I am truly curious.

The character who represents my own philosophy in THE FOUNTAINHEAD is Howard Roark. Toohey represents my definition of complete and total evil.

I am enclosing a printed letter which may interest you. Please let me hear from you.



Ayn Rand



The Ayn Rand Archives contains no response from Miss Casanovas.