To Barbara Weidman [Letter 432]

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September 1, 1950


Barbara Weidman


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September 1, 1950

Dear Barbara:

First, thank you for your wire. It reached us early in the morning and you might be glad to know that I felt an immense relief. I find that I was very worried about both you and Nathan, only he kept me worried for a longer time.

I’ll tell you frankly that your letters are delightful. You have an unusual ability for suggesting the whole picture and atmosphere around you and it is very interesting to read. I am pleased to see how calm and rational you are—particularly in comparison to Nathan. I’m glad you have no “soul shattering problems,” and that I don’t have to lecture you on why one should not scream in arguments, as I lectured Nathan. If you’ve quarreled “with only three or four acquaintances” that’s an unusual example of stoical self-discipline.

I’m waiting with great interest to hear what will happen in your philosophical encounter with Wiffie [Wilfred Schwartz, friend of Barbara Weidman]. I hope you have told him by this time that he is probably a victim of the division between mind and matter. If your theory about him is correct, I would like very much to know what effect it had on him. Anyway, give him my regards and tell him that from your accounts about him I think he is a person worth saving. My congratulations to you on your first convert. If your sister-in-law has begun to call you with questions about the Capitalist economy—then the circle is complete. You are repeating what I did with you and Nathan—and this is wonderful. Just continue and let the light spread further.

We both miss you very much. If you’re unhappy in Winnipeg and impatient to get back, we are just as impatient to have you back. I do miss your reading the chapters of my novel. As I told you, it did inspire and stimulate me instead of detracting me from my work. I am still struggling with Chapter 19. As for the radio script of ANTHEM, it came out very well and will be broadcast here this coming Sunday. I was unable to find

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September 1, 1950     2.

out when it would be broadcast from the stations nearest to you as they all play the program at different times. The stations nearest to you are KBMW in Wahpeton, North Dakota, at 9:45 a.m. Sunday and KWBM in Williston, North Dakota, at 1:00 p.m. Sunday. You might try it Sunday September 10. The name of the program is “The Freedom Story.” But if you miss it, I have a complete recording of ANTHEM here and I will play it for you when you come back.

If any metaphysical problems come up, please let me know and I will try to answer. I suspect that your brain doctor might give you quite a lot of problems with his theory. Let me know what happens.

With our best regards to your parents and love to you from both of us.


P.S. By the way, John Galt is the heroic in man.