To Gary Kline, a fan [Letter 455]

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September 14, 1959


Gary Kline


c/o Random House
457 Madison Ave.
New York 22, N.Y.

September 14, 1959

Mr. Gary Kline
2772 E. Glenoaks
Glendale, California

Dear Mr. Kline:

Thank you for your letter. I am glad that you liked my books—and that you liked them for the right reasons.

Since you want to be a writer and, at sixteen, are able to express yourself as clearly, simply and rationally as you do, I must congratulate you and tell you that you have already acquired some of the most important premises needed by a writer. I am also impressed with the fact that you identified the right things to praise in my style of writing—and that you know how to think in terms of essentials.

If you maintain the mental attitude evidenced in your letter, you will go very far—and I am happy to wish you a great future.