To Martin Lean, philosophy professor at Brooklyn College [Letter 481]

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November 30, 1961


Martin Lean


36 East 36th St.
New York 16, N.Y.

November 30, 1961

Dear Martin:

Thank you for your note and your invitation to the meeting of the Conference on Methods in Philosophy and the Sciences, on this past Sunday.

I very much wanted to come, and I am sorry that I had to miss it. The wedding reception of two young friends of mine is the event (which may be considered philosophical) that I had to attend that Sunday.

My “estimate” of the Saturday Evening Post article cannot be stated in a letter—there is a law against sending obscenity through the mail, yet no other type of language would do it justice.

As soon as the present rush of getting The Objectivist Newsletter to the printers is over, I shall keep our date to discuss the Objectivist epistemology. It’s my turn now, and I’m looking forward to it. Thank you again for your presentation of Wittgenstein. Even though our last discussion ended so indecisively, I believe that we will be able to start resolving our mutual misunderstandings after both sides have been presented.