To David C. Robbins, a fan [Letter 487]

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March 9, 1962


David C. Robbins


March 9, 1962

Mr. David C. Robbins
831 S. Nursery Street
Irving, Texas

Dear Mr. Robbins:

Thank you for your letter of March 5th. I read with great interest the copies of your correspondence on the TV issue, which you sent me.

Your letter to the Wall Street Journal was excellent, and it is very interesting indeed that Mr. Minow sent you a personal answer.[*] Your reply to Mr. Minow is a little too long. Your arguments are good, but you seem to attempt to include the whole case for free enterprise, and this should not be attempted in a letter. It is advisable to limit a letter strictly to the subject under discussion. The paragraph before last in which you invite Mr. Minow to continue the discussion, is somewhat inappropriate. It is up to Mr. Minow to decide whether he wishes to continue the correspondence.

It would not be appropriate for me to suggest any further arguments, as you request. You must rely only on your own knowledge and arguments. I observe that you have done a good job of understanding and applying the right theoretical principles to a given issue. You will do very well on your own, if you continue to study this subject.



Ayn Rand



*Newton N. Minow, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission