To Joseph A. Stone, a fan [Letter 503]

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May 18, 1963


Joseph A. Stone


Joseph Stone, a retired brakeman and conductor on the Grand Trunk Railroad, had asked AR for an autograph, writing: “You are my best girl…”

May 18, 1963

Mr. Joseph A. Stone
Hotel Clark
426 South Hill Street
Los Angeles 13, California

Dear Mr. Stone:

Thank you for your nice letter. I am glad that you liked my books, and that you cared to tell me about it.

Since you are a former railroad man, I particularly appreciate your saying that I know railroads. I had to do a lot of hard research to acquire that knowledge.

Thank you also for your subscription to The Objectivist Newsletter.

No, I have not stopped writing books, and I will write another novel, but I cannot predict its publication date at present.

With best regards,


[signature: “‘Your best girl’—AR”]
Ayn Rand