To Jack Morano [Letter 522]

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May 23, 1964


Jack Morano


Jack Morano was a New York City policeman. His articles in various magazines, including The Freeman, had elicited praise from AR. This and other correspondence between him and AR were filed by her in a folder she titled “NBI students.”


May 23, 1964

Mr. Jack Morano
755 Hylan Blvd.
Staten Island 5, New York

Dear Mr. Morano:

Thank you for your letter of May 18th. I am glad that you liked my article on “The Property Status of Airwaves.”

In regard to your inquiry about forming an Ayn Rand Society or Club on Staten Island: such a society must be formed independently, and it must be clearly understood that it has no connection with the Nathaniel Branden Institute or myself—that the society is not a spokesman for me nor an official interpreter of Objectivism—and that neither I nor NBI are in any way responsible for its activities. Since my name is being used, the sole purpose of such a Society must be the study of my works and my philosophy. If the Society engages in any other activity, then its title should be changed and my name should be removed.

The Societies or Clubs to which you refer were all formed by students on college campuses, on the students’ own initiative. If, as I gather, you intend to form such a Society for the general public, please be sure to make it a study group and nothing else.

Yes, we have had many inquiries about the possibility of NBI offering a course in writing. I have considered the idea, but am not able to do it at present.



Ayn Rand