To Pilar and Jose Manuel Capuletti [Letter 550]

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August 25, 1967


Jose and Pilar Capuletti


Jose Manuel Capuletti (1925–76) was a Spanish painter much admired by AR. See her article (mentioned in this letter) “Capuletti” in the December 1966 issue of The Objectivist. Pilar was his wife, and a frequent model in his paintings.

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August 25, 1967

Dear Pilar and Capu:

Since my French is so dubious, and writing in French is so terribly difficult for me, I am answering you in English. Perhaps your friend Mr. Frank will be kind enough to translate this for you.

Thank you for your letter and the beautiful postcards you sent to us—as well as for the lovely sketch of “Poco.”

The edited version of the translation of my article is excellent, and I agree with Mr. Frank’s reasons and explanations. You have my permission to have it published in this version, provided no cuts or changes are made. Please let me know if and when it is published and send me a copy of it.

Mary Ann [Sures, a mutual friend and art historian] has just returned from Europe and gave us a chance to see the paintings which she and others bought from you. These paintings are magnificent. I have the impression that you are growing with every canvas: there is a greater maturity and control in these paintings and a much more complex composition. I’m sorry that your admirers in New York will not have a chance to see those football pictures—and I hope that you will have more of them in your next show here.[*]

Mary Ann has given us a glowing account of the NBI group’s visit to your studio. It was the highlight of their tour and they were enthusiastic about your work, as well as about the graciousness of the reception you gave them.

Frank and I congratulate you on becoming property owners—and we do hope that we will be able to see your house someday. Until then, our best wishes for your happiness in your new home.

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We are looking forward to your visit to New York in November. Frank asks me to ask you to come in time for Thanksgiving, so that we will have occasion to give thanks.

We are both well and working very hard as usual. Love from both of us to both of you.


*Capuletti painted at least two “football pictures,” one of New York Giants quarterback Y. A. Tittle and one of the Baltimore Colts passing combination of Johnny Unitas to Raymond Berry.