To Tammy Vaught [Letter 556]

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May 21, 1970


Tammy Vaught


May 21, 1970

Dear Tammy:

Thank you for your letter—and for the pretty Valentine. It has been a long time since anyone sent me a Valentine, and it pleased me very much.

You asked which country’s stamps are my favorite. It is the U.S. stamps (particularly the old ones), and France, San Marino and Japan.

I am sending you a key-ring with a copy of the famous British Guiana 1¢ stamp. As you probably know, it is the most famous and valuable stamp in the world. I am enclosing a clipping from The New York Times that tells its history. It was recently sold (for $280,000,) at an auction here in New York. I went to that auction, not to bid, but just to see what a stamp auction is like—and these key-rings were given to all the guests as souvenirs of the occasion. I thought you might like to have it.

Please give our regards to your family (and say “hi” to Inky).