To W. F. Carter, director of posts, Papua New Guinea [Letter 562]

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December 14, 1971


W. F. Carter


December 14, 1971

W.F. Carter
Department of Posts and Telegraphs
Port Moresby
Territory of Papua New Guinea

Re: 809/14/6

Dear Mr. Carter:

Thank you very much for your letter, for the kind things you said about my article “Why I Like Stamp Collecting,” and for the attractive Presentation Folder which you sent me.

The stamps of Papua New Guinea are very beautiful and I shall give them a place of honor in my collection.

Please excuse my delay in acknowledging your letter. It reached me when I was in the process of starting a new publication of my own [The Ayn Rand Letter], and this is the first chance I have had to look up from under the pressure of work.

With my best regards,



Ayn Rand