To Nora Drobyshev [Letter 577]

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December 9, 1973


Nora Drobyshev


Translation from Russian by Alex Sadovsky. Sections in italics were written in English by AR in the original letter. This letter is two pages, but the translation did not note page breaks.

December 9, 1973

Dear Nora!

With this letter I am sending you the documents for Fedya (the invitation to the United States).

I won’t write a long letter so as not to delay the sending of these documents. I will only say that Frank and I will be very, very happy if you both come to visit us.

I was very glad to speak to you over the telephone. When I hear your voice, I feel as if we were near each other, as if you were here, in my room.

We will be waiting impatiently—but will force ourselves to wait patiently—for the moment when we see you both.

Love from both of us to both of you

Passionate kisses —


Nora and her husband visited AR but chose to return to the USSR, despite AR’s urgent arguments. The visit was a bitter disappointment to AR, who found her sister to be a totally changed and unlikable person.