To Channing Pollock [Letter 60]

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July 7, 1941


Channing Pollock


July 7, 1941

Mr. Channing Pollock
Shoreham, Long Island
New York

Dear Mr. Pollock:

Thank you for the copy of your letter to Mr. Emery, which I received today. I was sorry to hear that Mr. Emery has been puzzled by my silence, but the reason was precisely what you stated in your letter—the fact that I have had nothing to report.

I have been waiting from day to day to hear from Mr. Gall—but have not heard from him up to the present moment. I was also waiting for your next visit to New York and for our planned luncheon with Mr. Gall—I intended to communicate with him upon hearing from you.

I got in touch with Miss Gloria Swanson and I am to see her soon, probably this week. She is interested in our cause and could be very helpful. This is all the news I have to report for the present. I am waiting for Mr. Emery—and I am really waiting for his instructions as to our next steps in securing financial backing.

I do hope that you will be able to come to New York soon and I am looking forward to seeing you. I must reproach you for just one sentence in your letter to Mr. Emery—the one about “Miss Rand is either disgusted with my inertia or…” You really should know better than that. After all the time and effort you have put into our organization, I hope you are not really doubting my appreciation.

With best regards,

Sincerely yours,