To Charles Larson [Letter 90]

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August 28, 1943


Charles Larson


Charles Larson (1922–2006) was a television writer and producer, writing for Studio One and The Lone Ranger, and producing The F.B.I., for which he received an Emmy nomination in 1969. In his letter to AR, he wrote “whether or not an author capable of writing as you do needs praise or gratefulness for his work, I should like to contribute it.”

139 East 35th Street
New York City

August 28, 1943

Dear Mr. Larson:

Thank you for your beautiful letter. You say that you do not know whether I need “praise or gratefulness” for my work. Yes, I do—and I want to tell you frankly that your letter meant a great deal to me.

If you understood “The Fountainhead”, you will understand and not take it as vulgar conceit when I say that the reaction of readers is, to me, not a test of my book’s worth, but of the reader’s worth. When I hear praise of “The Fountainhead” it reaffirms my faith in men, my conviction that they are not all second-handers, that the spirit of Howard Roark exists and finds response among them. If this is “needing praise”, make the most of it—and accept my deepest gratitude.

Sincerely yours,