To Dorothy Elzer, a fan [Letter 99]

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October 18, 1943


Dorothy Elzer


139 East 35th Street
New York City

October 18, 1943

Dear Miss Elzer:

Thank you for your nice letter. I am glad that you liked “The Fountainhead”and that you liked it enough to ask for a sequel.

You say: “How about it?” Well, friend, it can’t be done. I have said everything I had to say about these particular characters—and I have nothing left to add. You see, I believe that a book which is intended to have a sequel must be written differently from a book intended to be complete in itself.

But I do appreciate your desire to read about “the life of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Roark.” If you want to know what their life will be like—look at their last scene together. It will give you the key.

I will, of course, write other books—only don’t expect them “on the market real soon.” It took seven years to write “The Fountainhead.” No, I won’t take that long on the next one, but give me a little time. This is not a reproach to you—an author can only be grateful to an impatient reader.

Sincerely yours,


Ayn Rand