To Frank Lloyd Wright [Letter 116]

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June 22, 1944


Frank Lloyd Wright



590 North Rossmore
Hollywood, California

June 22, 1944

Dear Mr. Wright:

Here is the final script of the screen version of “The Fountainhead”, which I have just finished. I would like very much to have you read it and see for yourself whether the theme, message and spirit of the book have been preserved. It is, of course, much shorter than the book, but I think you will agree with me that Hollywood has not ruined it.

This is the story as it will be produced, and it will give you an idea of the studio’s approach to the picture and the earnestness of their purpose. My producer, Mr. Henry Blanke, has asked me to ask you whether you would consider working with us on the picture, to act as architectural supervisor and to design Roark’s buildings, if the script meets with your approval. Mr. Blanke is as anxious as I am to prove to the world that an honest picture with a great message can come out of Hollywood.

You have told me that an honest picture on man’s integrity and on architecture would be a miracle worth watching. If you find that we are on the right road, so far, would you help us with the miracle? Would you help us to carry out the idea properly to the end? Since I am undertaking to make the whole world conscious of great architecture, you will understand how anxious I am to show truly great architecture on the screen. You know, and I know, that there is nobody but you who can design Roark’s buildings to achieve the purpose we want the picture to achieve.

If you find the script acceptable to you, will you let me know whether you would be willing to take part in an experiment that might prove to be an unusual achievement? Selfishly (I believe in selfishness), as well as for the sake of my cause, I hope you will.

Reverently yours,


Ayn Rand


Wright answered on July 8: “I’ve read the manuscript and it does not betray you.” He said that he would be glad to do a house for her, but could not undertake to do the sets.