To Gerald Loeb [Letter 346]

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July 3, 1948


Gerald Loeb


July 3, 1948

Mr. Gerald M. Loeb
E. F. Hutton & Company
61 Broadway
New York 6, N. Y.

Dear Gerald:

Thank you for your letter of June 29. Yes, Mr. Blanke showed me the copy of Frank Lloyd Wright’s letter, which you sent him. I have tried to fight for Mr. Wright in every way I could, but as you know, the decision was not up to me. I do not know all the details of what has happened, but I am very sorry that this is the way it has turned out.

If it is not confidential, would you send me a copy of what Frank Lloyd Wright wrote to you about me?[*] As things look now, Mr. Wright is wrong in being afraid for me or thinking I will be “treated quite badly” by the studio. So far the exact opposite has been true. Everything has gone very well at the studio, and I have every assurance that my script will be produced exactly as written. I have no authority over the casting or the sets, but my script and my ideas will be preserved. If the picture comes out as well as I think it will, it will be a demonstration of the power of an idea and of the fact that one can deal with people on honest, rational terms if one sticks to these terms oneself.

The actual shooting of the picture is scheduled for July 12. I have just completed the final script. So far everything is wonderful. I have been very busy, but I am very happy about it all.

When you have time, let me know what you are doing and how you are.

Best regards from both of us to both of you,



Ayn Rand



*On July 7, 1948, Loeb responded, “I’m afraid that I’ll have to answer by saying, ‘No, I feel that it’s confidential.’”