To R. J. Sumners, Muskegon Manufacturers Association [Letter 456]

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November 17, 1959


R. J. Sumners


36 East 36th Street
New York 16, N. Y.

November 17, 1959

Mr. R. J. Sumners
Muskegon Manufacturers Association
872 Second Street
Muskegon, Michigan

Dear Mr. Sumners:

Thank you for your letter. It gives me great pleasure to accept your invitation to the luncheon on December 2nd. The nature of your attitude toward ATLAS SHRUGGED is quite sufficient as an introduction and makes me want to meet you in person.

I mean not merely the fact that you liked ATLAS SHRUGGED, which I do appreciate profoundly, but the fact that you approach it from the right intellectual aspect, judging by the copy of your letter to the members of your organization. I was glad to see that you stressed the issue of reason and rationality and that you selected the most forceful, uncompromising passages to quote in moral defense of businessmen. I am sure you realize that I regard businessmen as the greatest victims of the altruist code of morality and that I am eager to help provide them with intellectual ammunition in their fight against collectivism.

Please let me know, at the above address, the time and place of the luncheon. My telephone number, if you should need it, is: Murray Hill 5-4843.

Looking forward to meeting you,



Ayn Rand