To Frank Lloyd Wright [Letter 118]

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November 30, 1945


Frank Lloyd Wright


Transcription note: This is a handwritten draft of this note. Parts that AR edited or crossed out are not included in the following transcript, but can be seen in the image of the original.

Nov. 30, 1945

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wright:

Thank you for the days we spent at Taliesin. It was an exciting experience which I had looked forward to for years and shall always remember.

I am sorry that we did not have a chance to see you in person [in the hours] before we left—so I shall have to let a letter thank you for both of us.

Under separate cover, I have sent you “The God of the Machine” by Isabel Paterson. I hope you will find it a most important key to the solution of the questions we discussed.

With best regards and sincere appreciation from my husband & myself,



In his response of January 14, 1946, Wright thanked her for The God of the Machine, which he said he “learned from.” He included some personal news and closed with the hope that he would soon be in Los Angeles.