To Ev Suffens [Letter 28]

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May 19, 1936


Ev Suffens


May 19, 1936

Dear Mr. Suffens,

You asked for it. I have never told you about my book because, as you will see, it is definitely anti-Soviet and I was under the impression that your station—not your program, but station WEVD—is somewhat “pink”. However, since you are interested in my novel and have mentioned it over the air, I am happy to send you a copy of it as a little token of gratitude for your lovely program and the many requests you have played for me.

I want only to warn you that I do not know whether you should mention the book by its title over the air, because I certainly wouldn’t want the Red “comrades” to “liquidate” you for it. You are free to mention it if you wish. But use your own judgment.

Whatever your personal political convictions may be, I do hope that you will enjoy the book and that, after you’ve read it, I shall still be able to get a request played on the “Midnight Jamboree”.

Sincerely yours,