To George C. Frank, assistant to the president of the Erie Railroad Co. [Letter 302]

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July 31, 1947


George C. Frank


July 31, 1947 

Mr. George C. Frank
Erie Railroad Company
Midland Building
Cleveland 15, Ohio

Dear Mr. Frank: 

Thank you for your letter of May 6 and the copy of the ERIE RAILROAD MAGAZINE which you sent me.

I was happy to hear that you liked ANTHEM, and I am glad that you used a quotation from it in your magazine. If you will look over your lists of those who receive the ERIE RAILROAD MAGAZINE, you will find my name among them. I have been receiving it for some time, and you may be interested to know that my new novel, which I am writing now, will have railroads as its background. This new novel will glorify the American industrialists, and I hope it will do for businessmen what my novel THE FOUNTAINHEAD did for modern architects. 



Ayn Rand