To Henry Doherty, of the New York Central Railroad press bureau [Letter 317]

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December 13, 1947


Henry Doherty


December 13, 1947 

Mr. Henry Doherty
Press Bureau
New York Central System
466 Lexington Avenue
New York 17, N. Y.

Dear Mr. Doherty: 

Thank you ever so much for the pictures which you sent me and for the Report of the Railway Mission in Mexico. If you use the pictures in your employees’ magazine, would you send me a copy of it? 

I will not attempt to tell you how much I enjoyed my ride in the engine cab. I expected it to be thrilling, but it was better than anything I imagined. The cap which you gave me is now a priceless souvenir, and I am wearing it in the disgusting California sunshine, feeling very homesick for New York. 

I hope I will see you again when I come back, after I finish my novel. 

With best regards, 



Ayn Rand