To Jean Wick [Letter 4]

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March 10, 1934


Jean Wick


Jean Wick was AR’s agent for We the Living.

1750 North Serrano Ave.
Hollywood, California.

March 10, 1934.

Dear Miss Wick,

I must confess that I am a little anxious to hear some news about my book. I have not written to you sooner, realizing that you were very busy, but I would appreciate it very much if you would let me know what publishing houses have had the book to date, what are the reactions and opinions of it, and if there have been rejections—what reasons were given. You understand that this is of great importance to me in connection with my work on the second part of the book. I am glad to say that this work is progressing rapidly and I would appreciate your help in the matter.

Very truly yours,