To Faith Hersey [Letter 429]

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July 21, 1950


Faith Hersey


Faith Hersey wrote that she “cried with joy” when she saw AR’s name on the screen during the opening credits of The Fountainhead movie.

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July 21, 1950

Dear Faith:

Thank you for your letter. Both Frank and I were delighted to hear from you. Of course, I forgive you for the delay in answering—who am I ever to reproach anyone for that particular sin?

Thank you for what you said about your reaction to the opening titles of THE FOUNTAINHEAD movie. No, it was not silly of you. It was wonderful. Only a real friend would have felt that.

I can’t disagree entirely with your opinion of the picture itself. I can’t say that I consider all of the casting or direction as ideal. But as Warner Brothers allowed me the miracle of having my script shot verbatim, without any distortion of my theme or dialogue, I am willing to accept the smaller imperfections and I am happy about the picture. However, I can’t blame you if you felt that it could have been better.

I was sorry to hear that you had been sick. What was it? I hope that it was not too serious and that you are completely recovered now. If you have time, tell me a little about your work. I suppose that you are still with the opera company. Tell me how you like it and what you are doing now.

No, I won’t come to New York this summer, because I am deep in work on my new novel and I plan not to come back East until I finish it. I can’t tell yet how long it will take me but I hope I will finish it sometime next year. It is going to be as long as THE FOUNTAINHEAD or longer, but I must say that I am extremely happy with it. The few friends to whom I have shown what I have written so far, all say that it is much better than THE FOUNTAINHEAD, and I think so too.

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July 21, 1950     Page 2.

I was glad to hear you say that I had given you constructive help, and that there are some passages in THE FOUNTAINHEAD which you consider written especially for you. Would you tell me which ones? I would naturally be very interested to know.

Thank you very much for the clippings of the kitten, and of the hat named after THE FOUNTAINHEAD. I am sure that the title of that hat is not accidental, and it amused me a great deal. This is what I would call a real philosophical fame.

No, I don’t think that I can make up with Isabel Paterson. I would speak to her if I met her again, but I could never be friends with her any more.

Let me hear from you when and if you have time. Frank sends you his best regards. He always says that you are one of his favorite persons in New York, or here, for that matter. Love from both of us.