To Tony Barrett [Letter 430]

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August 25, 1950


Tony Barrett


Tony Barrett, an actor, starred in The Freedom Story, a weekly radio broadcast by Spiritual Mobilization, a group that had adapted Anthem.

August 25, 1950

Mr. Tony Barrett
2330 Nichols Canyon Road
Hollywood, California

Dear Mr. Barrett:

Thank you for your wonderful performance in ANTHEM. I feel that I want you to know that this was the first time I have ever heard my own words read by an actor in a manner which made me proud to hear them.

This morning, I played a recording of the broadcast for my secretary, who had worked with me on all the various versions of the script. In the middle of the playing, she suddenly interrupted to say: “Who is Equality? He is great!” I thought that you should hear this, too.

If you remember, I said to you that you would have to supply the emotional element which the script could not provide in view of its brevity. I did not expect to hear it provided as perfectly as you have done—and for this I am very grateful.



Ayn Rand