To Donald S. Maffry, president of Maffry Frozen Foods [Letter 471]

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August 23, 1960


Donald S. Maffry


c/o Random House
457 Madison Ave.
New York City

August 23, 1960

Dear Mr. Maffry:

Thank you for your very nice letter of July 1. I deeply appreciate your interest in my books—and you do prove that you are a good judge of literature when you say that ATLAS SHRUGGED is my best book.

I am glad that you find my philosophy helpful, since I consider businessmen as the greatest victims of the present philosophical trend (particularly of the altruist morality)—and it is businessmen that I specially wanted to reach.

Please accept my sincere gratitude for distributing copies of my books and for helping their “rate of sale in the Kansas City area,” as you say. This is one of the traits I admire in American businessmen: the translation of convictions into actions.

If I come to Kansas City some day, I would be pleased to me you in person.



Ayn Rand