To Mickey Spillane [Letter 494]

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September 15, 1962


Mickey Spillane


36 East 36th Street
New York 16, New York

September 15, 1962

Dear Mickey:

I am enclosing a little present for you which, I hope, will please you. This is my way of fighting a battle for justice, which is as tough as Mike Hammer’s.

Will you tell me whether you intend to write a sequel to The Girl Hunters? As you probably know, you left us readers dangling up in the air. You build up such an interest in the relationship of Mike Hammer to Velda that one waits impatiently to see their meeting, and it was a little unfair of you not to show it. Also, what about Pat Chambers’ love for Velda and his future relationship to Mike? You owe us readers an answer, since it’s you who made it so interesting.

Why have you vanished? I was hoping to hear from you when you were in New York, but I understand that you have been rushing in and out of the city and that one can never catch you. If you want me to be a “Spillane Hunter”—take this as part of the pursuit.

With best wishes and love,


Ayn Rand



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