To S. S. Peikoff, MD [Letter 558]

Item Reference Code: 044_07A_017_001

Date(s) of creation

October 5, 1970


S. S. Peikoff


Sam Peikoff was a fellow stamp collector and the father of AR’s colleague and heir, Leonard Peikoff.

120 East 34th Street
New York, N.Y.  10016
October 5, 1970

Dear Sam:

Thank you enormously for the marvelous stamps you sent me. Please forgive me for my delay in answering—this is the first chance I’ve had to write privately instead of publicly (that is, letters instead of articles).

I am returning the Hungarian, New Zealand and Spanish stamps which I did have. Most of the stamps were new to me, and I was thrilled to get them.

I am returning also the block of four Canadian stamps of the Tokyo Exposition, because you sent me such a block the previous time. I looked and looked, but could not observe a difference. If I am wrong, it’s because I am not yet expert enough—but I am struggling to learn.

The more I work with stamps, the more I love it. I guess it’s an incurable addiction. You ask how I can find the time for it. I find that stamps help me to work: it is the only thing that gives me mental rest. If I take an hour off for my stamp albums, I can go on writing for hours.

I hope you can use the stamps that I am enclosing.

With best regards from both of us to both of you,