To Jose and Pilar Capuletti [Letter 559]

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Date(s) of creation

October 5, 1970


Jose and Pilar Capuletti


120 East 34th Street
New York, N.Y.  10016
October 5, 1970

Dear Capu and Pilar:

Thank you very, very much for your letters and for the wonderful stamps you sent me. Please excuse my delay in answering—you know my problem about letters.

The Spanish stamps were very beautiful. I liked particularly the 1969 series with copies of paintings by Alonso Cano. I am returning two stamps which I had—you gave them to me here.

Since you like horses, I am enclosing a new series of Chinese stamps. They are reproductions of a painting of the XVII–XVIII century, called “One Hundred Horses.” The long strip (which should not be separated) is supposed to have that number of horses, all of them different. (I did not try to count them.) The two single stamps are magnified details of the strip.

I am enclosing also some new U.S. stamps.

The sketch (in your letter) of the additions to your house looks magnificent. It is growing into a castle. I hope it will not delay for too long your visit to New York. Mary Ann told me that you are not coming in October. I was afraid of that, remember? Please prove me wrong and do come in the not too distant future.

What happened in your interview with Dali? You mentioned that you would tell me.

Frank and I are both well and working hard as usual. And looking forward to seeing you.

Love from both of us to both of you,