To S. P. Wang, director general of posts, Taiwan [Letter 560]

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December 14, 1971


S. P. Wang


December 14, 1971

Mr. S.P. Wang
Director General of Posts
Taipei, Taiwan
Republic of China

Dear Mr. Wang:

Please accept my sincere gratitude for the publication of my article “Why I Like Stamp Collecting” in your magazine of October 1971.

I felt pleased and honored to see my work translated into the Chinese language.

Allow me to express my profound sympathy for the Republic of China. I feel a great indignation against the foreign policy of President Nixon, which I regard as a grave injustice to your country, and I shall continue to express my opposition to it. This is the voice of only one American citizen, but there are many who feel as I do.

Please accept my best wishes.



Ayn Rand



AR expressed her opposition in a three-part article on Nixon and China beginning in the March 27, 1972, issue of The Ayn Rand Letter.