To John E. Marshall, television producer [Letter 587]

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October 18, 1980


John E. Marshall


[On The Ayn Rand Letter letterhead.]

October 18, 1980

Mr. John E. Marshall
JEM Television Productions
3316 Chili Avenue
Rochester, New York  14624

Dear Mr. Marshall:

Thank you for your letter of August 6, and for your invitation to take part in a television series dealing with “Cultural Conservatism.”

I appreciate your interest, but I’m not a Conservative as the term is used today. I am an Objectivist, which is quite a different thing. In politics, I call myself a radical for capitalism.

This year in particular, I would be ashamed to be connected with the so-called Conservatives in any way. Their anti-abortion stand is outrageous—and so is their mixture of politics with religion.

As you can see, I cannot accept your invitation.



Ayn Rand