To Gerald Loeb [Letter 203]

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March 25, 1946


Gerald Loeb


March 25, 1946

Dear Gerald:

I’m late in answering again—but I am counting on your forgiveness and understanding.

Thank you for your correspondence with Warner Brothers re: Frank Lloyd Wright sets for THE FOUNTAINHEAD, and for your interest in this issue. I still do not know what the final decision on this will be. Mr. Blanke told me only that no decision could be made until a production date is set for the picture—and this has not been set as yet.

I’ll keep in mind your gracious offer to use the model of your house in the film, and I hope Warner Brothers will decide to take advantage of it.

Thank you also for the interesting article on the stock market situation, which you sent me. I must say I am still a little bewildered on any matter pertaining to Wall Street and do no understand the actual process of its function. Some day I’d like you to explain it to me from the ground up, if you ever have the time.

Albert Mannheimer tells me that you liked his play. I’m glad you did—because I read the play since I came back here and I was delighted by it. It is an excellent play, beautifully done, clever and bright.

I have had a very difficult time ever since I came back here, due to an unusually difficult assignment from the studio. (Hence my long silence and inability to write letters.) But I have just obtained a rest from them, an extra six months of freedom, and I am now starting to work again on my next novel. I do not know whether I’ll come to New York this year—and I hope that perhaps you’ll come to California again.

With best regards from Frank and me,